Even Babies Can Defeat Darth Maul

This video might not be quite as sexy as the last lightsaber duel video I posted, but it is important, and I’ll tell you why: It proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Darth Maul was a terrible Sith lorcd. I mean sure, he looked cool and Satan-y, did a lot of gadding about, and had great theme music, but seriously, Maul is a very mediocre lightsaber duellist. Sure, he managed to kill Qui-Gon, but then he was immediately killed by Obi-Wan, giving him a success rate of only 50%. And it turns out when you take away Maul’s dance moves — and, say, affix him to a small plastic base — even an infant with developing motor skills can hand the so-called “Sith Lord” his ass. Shameful, really. (Via The Mary Sue)