Cartoon News Trifecta: Futurama, Space Stallions, ThunderCats

? Holy shit, season seven of Futurama debuts this Wednesday at 10pm on Comedy Central! It’s going to be an hour-long but still two separate episodes, which is definitely for the best. In the first episode, Bender has a kid (again) and in the second the world is going to end (again). I’d be a bit concerned except I’m so starved for entertainment at this point I’m just happy something is on. (Via Blastr)

? Do you remember the Space Stallions? Someone is actually ponying up enough money to make a 26 episode series for some undisclosed purpose. I have a small suspicion that their horse-filled antics might wear a little thin after an episode or two. Thanks to Gretchen S. for the tip.
? Is ThunderCats canceled? Mirisha Ray, girlfriend of Matthew Mercer, the voice actor for Tygra, believes it is, and has created this petition to keep the show on the air. I don’t think it’ll work, but she also got some of her model friends to dress like sexy ThunderCats in support, so I suppose that’s something. Please note Cartoon Network has still not officially canceled the show, but seeing as the season 1 finale aired last Saturday and there’s still been no word on the show’s return, I think we’ve probably gotten all the ThunderCats we’re gonna get.