Loki Just Stole the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Box Set from Everybody


Oh, that darned god of mischief! First he plots to overthrow Asgard, then he tries to invade Earth with the Chitauri, and now he’s committed his most unspeakable crime — preventing the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set, the one that came will all those Marvel movies in the nice briefcase with the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube in it, from being released. 

As you’ll recall, the briefcase Nick Fury uses in the movie to transport the Tesseract was made by German luggage company Rimowa GmbH, which Marvel appropriately licensed for the movie. Whether it was Loki who suggested to the fine DVD package designers that they should use Fury’s briefcase as the packaging for Marvel’s Blu-ray megaset first, or whether they came up with the idea on their own is unknown But it was certainly the god of mischief who brainwashed whatever member of Marvel’s legal team whose job it was to negotiate the rights for Marvel to make a replica of the briefcase for the box set, because there’s no way a person paid to handle exactly those sorts of things would forget on his/her own. But that’s what they did.
Which means Rimowa GmbH is suing Marvel, and now Marvel has no choice but to cancel everybody’s pre-order for the box set, and delay it until some time in 2013, when they’ve redone the packaging. Seeing as this thing was supposed to come out in just a few weeks, I imagine Marvel is about to have a warehouse full of awesome, light-up, Cosmic Cube-carrying briefcases they can’t sell. And Loki laughs and laughs and laughs. (Via Entertainment Weekly)