It’s Gonna Be A Hobbit Night Tonight


Chug your Five Hour Energy and pack some Depends — you’re gonna need them for midnight showings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey tonight, especially since the two-hour-forty-five-minute epic will also have nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness on the front end in some theaters, plus all those trailers you’ve been seeing this week: Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Oblivion, et cetera.

About those nine minutes of Trek — I recommend my pal Dan Casey’s take, simply because I can’t think of a better turn of phrase than “you’ll be setting your phasers to ‘fuck yeah'”. I mean, I can try — “Beam me up to AWESOME,” anyone? — but I probably shouldn’t.


In other Hobbit news, however, NECA revealed their quarter-scale Bilbo Baggins figure today. Now, considering they’ve been marketing Gollum/Smeagol as a Lord of the Rings figure, I was thinking they didn’t have the actual Hobbit license and were just trying to cash in with what they did still have.

But no — this Bilbo figure is not Ian Holm, but Martin Freeman (whom they’ve sculpted before, when he was Dentarthurdent), and while the photorealistic likeness of his face is stunning, the photorealistic sculpt of his disgustingly hairy feet is a tad stomach-turning. There must be fetishists for this, and I presume they’ll buy them all, so if you want to do a giant Bilbo, Gollum diorama, snatch this up quick when it goes onsale.

NECA also mentioned on Twitter that they have at least a dozen quarter-scale figures in 2013. Four of them are Avengers, one is Bilbo, one is a revamped Alien…I would make a fair bet that most of the remaining six are Hobbit-related.

Saruman, anyone?