Killer Is Dead Trailer Makes Me Feel Old

Granted, compared to some of you out there, I probably am. But this isn’t a case of “This newfangled technology scares me” or “Why does there have to me so much meanie-mean violence in games today?” I kinda love that stuff.

No, it’s more a case of “I cannot figure out what the hell is going on” in Suda51’s new game (so far). Not because it’s in Japanese, but because most of the time, I honestly cannot discern which of the swirling colors means what. Seriously. Look at that screenshot. I want to throw out a Jackson Pollock joke of some kind, but that would make me sound even older.


Perhaps the clip is just a really super-fast expert playing. I’m not going to say it gives me seizures, but it makes me think maybe my MTV-generation attention span isn’t even fast enough any more.

Watch the video after the jump, then tell me if I’m AARP material.

h/t SlyDante