35 Awesome Cosplay Displays From NYCC 2015

22. Batgirl

BatgirlThere was one other Batgirl of Burnside there, but she had sprayed everything grey (like the statue), and I really like how much the color popped on this costume.

21. Talon

TalonIs it weird that Talon cosplay never took off? I think he’s got a super cool design, and I really love the Court of Owls as a concept, but most people only wear the stupid mask and a suit when they’re working from that story.


20. The Council of Ricks

GetSchwifty19. Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl

garnet amethyst and pearl18. AND STEVEN!

AND STEVENTake out the Rick & Morty and Steven Universe cosplayers from NYCC and you’re left with the New York City from I Am Legend. Just Will Smith’s best friend and a bunch of hissing people terrified of sunlight. That said, I love both of these shows and think anyone who wants to cosplay from them is good people.

17. Heroes for Hire

Heroes for Hire“You guys psyched for the new series?

“You know it.”

“I KNOW OH MY GOD ME TOO!” :grabs their hands and jumps in a circle:

16. Cammy

CammyI think my stance on Street Fighter is well established. This is another easy “yes I will take your picture” costume.

15. Morrigan from Darkstalkers

MorriganI wanted to shout “GAMEBREAKER” at her, but it’s a really good costume.