35 Awesome Cosplay Displays From NYCC 2015

7. Mockingbird

Mockingbird:ahem: I was looking for YEAH.

6. Black Bolt

BlackBoltOk this is not STRICTLY cosplay, but her dress is awesome. I asked her if she made it or if this was like, a line of super hero fashion about to hit, and I think I heard “No, a friend made it for me” before I was smashed into a wall by the force of her voice.

5. BMO

HOORAYFORBMOYou could actually move the pixels on BMO’s face with the joystick, which was awesome. It was even more awesome when a guy dressed as the Swedish Chef was playing with BMOs joystick. I’m pretty sure I’ve had that dream before.

4. Wiccan and Ms. Marvel

WiccanMsMarvelCombo! Ms. Marvel’s costume is great, and Wiccan’s costume is RARE and great. I live for the day when I can get a whole Young Avengers team in one shot.

3. Batwing

BatwingHis eyes and the bat insignia both glowed, AND the wings were retractable. This guy put in a ton of work, and it looked amazing.

2. Hulkbuster

AAH1I love everyone who claimed he “stole the show” just because it was clearly a man on stilts wearing hundreds of pounds of metal armor with sound effects and lights. Clearly they missed the part where he got taken apart by some random Scottish woman.


1. Snake Eyes, Serpentor and Pythona


I’ll be completely honest here. I peed a little when I saw these guys, part from the joy of seeing such great and obscure costumes (Pythona) and part from leftover terror from the first time I watched G.I. Joe The Movie.

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