TR Contest: Worst Aliens Ever

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?Guys, my shit was pre-wrecked from the Dead Island trailer earlier this week, but after today’s FFF and the Sonic video below, my shit is defunct. My shit is unrepairable. I need to drink gouge out my eyes and pour a handle of Beam into each eye socket before I even begin to feel human again. Point is, I’m running the first not-totally-shitty contest that has entered my mind.

Tell me the worst aliens in nerdery. I don’t mean ethically, I mean quality. Stupid looking aliens from the original Star Trek. some horrible sci-fi novel where the aliens are all Richard Nixon or something, because the author thinks he’s making a bold political statement. Some species from Green Lantern that makes no fucking sense, and shames the whole concept.

Any fictional alien race is up for entry, from books, videogames, cartoons, comics, movies, whatever. All you have to do is tell me who they are, what they’re from, and why they suck. One entry per person, and keep ’em short. I’ll likely have to have the entries read aloud to me, what with the whole pouring-bourbon-into-my-empty-eye sockets thing. Contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, February 21st.

Have… I won’t say have a good weekend, after the things you had to read and see today. But… well… try to stay strong. You are not alone in your suffering. You are not alone.